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Modern Bohemia

"Growing up, my mother filled our home with lavender. Whether that be the lotion that was rubbed on our hands, the bubbles that filled our tubs, or the sprigs that she brought in from her garden. It's scent brings me home and fills my soul with comfort and calmness. It is these nostalgias that I aim to evoke in the pieces I create."

We believe in shopping with purpose.

Lavender & Lilac is an artisan boutique intentionally curated to bring the work of small batch makers directly to your home.

Founded in 2019 by fiber artist, Allie McDevitt as a home for her handmade tote bags, the mission of the shop evolved overtime. Moved by the idea that the art we bring into our own homes can one day have a profound impact on those who come after us, Allie made it her focus to curate collections that can be passed down through generations.

Our mission is to provide our customers with one of a kind pieces that they can enjoy through every walk of life and pass along to someone they cherish.

Learn more about Allie's journey and the mission of Lavender & Lilac in her interview with The House of Willows